Class CG


Class FS visit to Crucial Crew

Year 6 had a fantastic day visiting the Lifewise Centre in Rotherham to discover how to keep themselves safe from fire, peer pressure, cyber bullying and learnt some vital first-aid skills. They have lots of information to share with their families and their behaviour was exemplary. Thank you Year 6!

Groovy Man!

Class FS have been working hard on their Design Technology project, transforming a simple white t-shirt into a 1960’s inspired design. We will post photos from our fashion show when they are completed! 

A harvest gift

The children of Class FS spent the morning handing out your Harvest donations around the village. Thank you very much for your kind donations they were gratefully appreciated by all and over 100 tinned goods were donated to the Cudworth food bank. 

Playground Leaders

Class FS recently completed their playground leaders training. They worked on their teamwork, leadership and communication skills and cannot wait to start delivering games and sports skills during playtimes and lunchtimes. 

Super start from Year 6!

Mrs Steadman would like to thank her new year 6 class for a fantastic week. She has been very impressed with their behaviour, attitude to learning and hard work. Here we are playing ‘Mastermind’ trying to guess 7 digit numbers. 

Viking Longships

The Vikings built fast ships for raiding and war. These ships were ‘dragon-ships‘ or ‘longships‘. 

Viking longships could sail in shallow water, so they could travel up rivers as well as across the sea. In a raid, a ship could be hauled up on to a beach. The Vikings could jump out and start fighting, and then make a quick getaway if they were chased. 

Class CG have been constructing Viking long boats from paper, straws and match sticks. They were all a fantastic success!

A Viking warrior visits Class CG!

Welayn ‘The Viking’ took our class back to the Viking period. We heard tales of the lives of the Vikings in that time. 

We dressed as Vikings and even  re-enacted a Viking battle. We all had a great time!

Chinese Cooking in Class AH

To complete our topic work on China we experienced an exciting afternoon of cooking and eating.

The children liked choosing and preparing their ingredients but most of all they enjoyed sampling the finished dishes, truly scrumptious!