Class EF


Understanding Sikhism

In our RE studies this term Class AH have been learning about some of the special times in the Sikh calendar.  One of these is Baisakhi, a celebration of the start of the Khalsa, which is the foundation of the Sikh faith.

We made flower garlands, enjoyed special treats, dressed in fine clothing and danced to Bangra. Baisakhi is a fun festival!

Would you want to be a Roman?

Class AH have been busy learning about the Romans and today we had a chance to find out how it felt to be part of the Roman army.

We learnt lots of facts, checked out some interesting artefacts, played Roman games and then practised marching in formation, being gladiators, as well as re-enacting the battle of Boudicca v Romans.

It was a great day and lots of fun!

Another great performance from Brierley School!

Classes EF and AH competed in the recent ‘Team Activ’ multi-skills event at Outwood Academy Shafton, well done all of you!

Was John Walker innocent or guilty?

Class AH have been researching how crimes were punished in Victorian times.  They have been detectives in trying to get to the truth of the story. 

What was the evidence suggesting that John had stolen those onions?  Was he treated fairly, washe innocent or guilty.

Our decision ………….

GUILTY! because the Police found the onions in his house and he had 13 previous convictions!  However it was not fair that he was sent to prison for 7 years. Poor John!

Egyptian photo frames

Mrs Steadman had a fantastic week in Class EF working on our photo frames fit for an Egyptian Pharaoh. We had such a busy week designing, making and testing that our frames stood up. Mrs Steadman would like to thank all the Year 3 children for all their hard work and making her feel so welcome.

Ancient Egypt

Class EF visited the Leeds City Museum on Tuesday. We were very excited because we got to see a real Egyptian Mummy. It was over 4000 years old!!

Class EF went to Creswell Crags to become Stone Age people for the day.

We went in a cave, looked at animal skeletons, tracked animals and even tried to make fire! It was great fun.


Living in the past

Class EF have been learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and we have made some Celtic brooches and roundhouses. Take a look at our work!