Class SG


Another great performance from Brierley School!

Classes EF and AH competed in the recent ‘Team Activ’ multi-skills event at Outwood Academy Shafton, well done all of you!

Remembrance Day Activities in Class EF

Competition time!

Class EF took part in a benchball competition at Carlton Academy.

We had great fun! 

More TASC day news!

For TASC Day Class SH worked in small groups to create a postcard to share what we had learnt about Spain. We even danced the Flamenco!


Volume and capacity in Year 1

Class SH have been measuring the capacity of containers using sand and water.

Going back in time!

Class SH had a great time at Conisbrough Castle being ‘History Detectives’ and learning about castle life.

Goodbye little friends!

Class MB have said goodbye to their tadpoles, frogs and toads as they were carefully put into our school pond and wildlife area this morning! After looking after them for 11 weeks, they were ready to explore the big outdoors! Well done Class MB for looking after them for such a  long time you have done a really good job!