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Learning plans for our final half-term of the year

We would like to invite our parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles to have a look at the work that the children will be covering this half-term. Your support, interest and enthusiasm assists the children in getting the most out of their learning. Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Open the Book

There was a basket in the water
There was a baby in the basket!
The baby’s big sister was watching from the river bank
And God was watching too.


Strange goings on at Brierley School!

It all began on Tuesday morning when something very strange appeared on our school field. Following sightings of a bright light over Cudworth the children and staff found some most unusual debris and we think that it may have come from another planet! The children have investigated and discovered some very odd goings on and the following day part of an alien space craft was found by Mrs Brennan. Given the all clear to investigate further the children took a closer look and found slime and underpants! Could this be linked to our story with the little ones ‘Aliens love Underpants’? Stranger things may have happened but this is all very worrying!! Take a look at our photographs and see what you think……………

A visit to the Mirfield Centre and the Community of the Resurrection

Class FS visited the Mirfield  Centre to learn a little more about their work and history. Being the home of the Community of the Resurrection the children were shown  round this modern day monastery. A very interesting experience  for them all that included a tour of the site, quiet reflection, meeting brother Jacob and singing  hymns! Brierley children were once again commended for their first-class behaviour and were fantastic ambassadors of Brierley School.


Tropical World!

Class MB had a fantastic day of learning and fun at the Tropical Butterfly house this week!  We held a coachroach, scorpion, stick insect and touched a bearded dragon, boa and tenrec! The wild walkthrough, parrot show and lemur talk were great too!