Our science curriculum inspires and motivates our children by giving them opportunities to work like scientists. By providing them with the experience of exploring and investigating scientific phenomena in a range of different contexts, we ensure a continually evolving knowledge of the world around them.

Our children are encouraged to ask questions, select appropriate ways to answer them, experiment, make observations, reflect and have the resilience to make and learn from their mistakes in a safe environment. This empowers our children to obtain and apply fundamental skills that will equip them for an ever changing world.


Our engaging science curriculum ensures that we don’t just cover the National Curriculum at Brierley, we build on it by mapping the progression routes through each scientific strand – chemistry, biology and physics. As a result, our children build on their knowledge and skills within each strand throughout each school year from reception to the end of year 6.

Each topic provides a range of opportunities for the children to work as scientists, where they perform, predict and record practical investigations. At Brierley, working scientifically does not supplement our knowledge rich curriculum, instead our children learn through their investigations, therefore their understanding of science is deeper, and more secure as they found the answers to the main curriculum questions themselves.



At the end of each topic, each child takes an end of unit quiz which gives us a summative indication of their knowledge and understanding. However, we use a system of formative assessment throughout each lesson, as this not only enables our teachers to find any gaps in the children’s understanding and therefore provide support, but this system regularly enables our teachers to find opportunities to challenge our children even further.

For monitoring of assessment data, we then use the Insight system to input the achievement of each child. This data is stored then reviewed regularly to help teachers review their progress, and is then passed onto following teachers to build upon.