Acceptable Use Agreement

Access Policy and Plan

Admission Arrangements 

Allegations of Abuse Against Staff Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Principles

British Values Policy

CCTV Policy

Capability Procedures

Catch-Up Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Children in Care Policy

Child Missing Education Policy

Child Protection Policy

Children Not Collected Policy

Children With Health Needs Who Cannot Attend School Policy

Community Cohesion Policy

Complaints Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Curriculum Policy

Data Protection Policy

Designated Teacher for Looked After and Previously Looked After Children Policy

Looked After and Previously Looked After Children Policy

Disability Equality Policy and Scheme

E-Safety Policy

Early Years Policy

Early Years Welfare Requirements Policy

Early Years Settling In Policy

Early Year Intimate care and Toileting Policy

Educational Visits Policy

Elective Home Education Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Exclusion Policy

First Aid Policy

Flexible Working Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

Governor Allowances Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Home School Agreement

Inclusion Policy

Infection Control Policy

Information Security

Intimate Care Policy

Keeping Children Safe in Education

Lock Down Policy

Manual Handling Policy

Medical Needs Policy

Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy 

Early Careers Teacher Policy

Performance Management of Support Staff Policy

Performance Management of Teachers Policy

Prevent Policy

Pupil Premium Policy

Racial Equality and Cultural Diversity Policy

Relationships, Sex  and Health Education Policy

Religious Education Policy

Remote Education Policy and Principles

Remote Learning  Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Covid 19- Safeguarding Children

School Meal Debt Policy

SEND Policy

Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy

Social Media Policy

Spiritual Moral Social Cultural Policy

Spirituality Policy

Staff Code of Conduct

Supervision Policy

The Use of Force or Control to Restrain Pupils

Transition Policy

 Visitor Security Policy 

Volunteer Policy

Website Privacy Policy

Whistleblowing Policy