Covid-19 Catch Up Premium

The school has been allocated the Coronavirus Catch up Premium.  

The amount of funding the school is expected to receive is £16, 480.As a priority, school appointed a Catch Up Teacher to primarily focus on reading, particularly phonics in Key Stage 1. 

Autumn Term 2020 

Our Catch Up Teacher delivered additional phonics tuition to children in Year 2 and to those in Y3 who did not meet the threshold of 32 marks the previous year.  

Children were screened in December 2020 using the 2019 Phonics Screening Check. 

Of those who were tested in Y3, 100% met the threshold in December 2020. 

Of those who were tested, 86% met the threshold in Y2. 

Spring Term 2021

Our Catch up Teacher continues to provide additional phonics, reading and handwriting tuition to children in Y2. 

Assessments will be carried out at the end of the Spring term in all year groups followed by gap analysis. This ensures that interventions are carefully planned that are targeted at the specific needs of the children. The Education Endowment Fund (EEF) states that interventions that are well structured and delivered regularly over a sustained period of time have the most impact on progress. This alongside quality first teaching is the most effective way to close the gap in attainment.

Summer Term 2021

During summer term, additional phonics and reading tuition will be offered to Reception children to enhance their knowledge ready for the transition into Year 1.

During the summer term we will be participating in the National Tutoring Programme (NTP). This is an initiative, partly funded by the Government to support schools to address the impact of Covid-19 school closures on pupils' learning. The NTP will provide high-quality tuition to small groups of pupils in English and Maths to help identified pupils catch up. This, alongside quality first teaching and targeted interventions is aimed to close the gap in attainment.


In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the expenditure, children will undertake Phonics Screening assessments and class teachers will carry out their usual summative assessments in order to ascertain progress and measure impact.


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