What is Thrive?

Thrive is a systematic approach to the early identification of emotional developmental need in children so that differentiated provision can be put in place quickly by the adults working most closely with the child. It is preventative, reparative, pragmatic and easy to use.

There are four guiding principles of the Thrive Approach:

  1. Every child is a unique person, constantly developing and learning in different ways and at different rates, each with his/her own abilities, talents and potential to be fulfilled.
  2. Children’s healthy development, emotional well-being and learning are crucially dependent upon, and promoted through, positive relationships.
  3. Children flourish when they are confident, self-assured, capable and resilient.
  4. Children thrive in enabling environments, in which their individual development, learning experiences and needs are understood, responded to and supported through strong partnerships with parents/carers.

Some of our staff are trained Thrive practitioners and are available to speak to if you would like to talk to them about concerns you may have:

Mrs Gough
Mrs Fella
Miss Weldon
Miss O'Callaghan

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