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  2. School Closure Monday 23rd March 2020

School Closure Monday 23rd March 2020

19 March 2020 (by admin)

Dear Parents and Carers

 The Government have announced that all schools in England will close on Friday 20th March at 3.15pm. They have set out guidance to allow a small number of children to still attend and Brierley will be adhering very carefully to this guidance. This will allow key staff who have no potential childcare solutions, with roles in society that make a significant difference at this difficult and unprecedented time, to continue to carry out their vital roles. This guidance is to be published today and will be shared accordingly with all families as soon as possible.

If parents feel that they can and will keep children away from school despite featuring in the guidance, we assume that this is acceptable as the aim of the ‘closure’ is to minimise the risk of spreading infection for all pupils and staff.

 As has already been shared, children who are at home will be able to continue learning to some degree via our school website, the work they have already been sent home with, Twinkl Go and Google Classroom for our oldest children (please see class pages on our website for how to access online learning). It is vital that children read, use numbers and practise their writing each and every day. The quality of said home learning though will depend on how many pupils we have in school as we will have limited staff to provide both face-to-face and online learning- as you have seen, our excellent staff have done their best to continue working as normally as possible during this very difficult time.

 Please note, in case you were not aware, we have set up a Coronavirus website page on the homepage of our website which will be updated over the coming weeks with new information as and when we receive it.

As you know, guidance is changing on a daily basis and we are trying very hard to keep you up to date with information we receive. 

 Changes from Monday 23rd March 2020

  1. School will be open from 8.50am to 3.15pm each day. It will not be a legal requirement to attend. Suggestions by the DFE that we may stay open during Easter are unlikely at present but will be explored. More details on that will be shared in the near future, I’m sure.
  2. Parents should drop off and collect children from the Main Reception at the front of school. Parents cannot not enter the school building beyond the collection area at any time. Please call or email us with any messages or concerns for teaching staff or leaders. No visitors will be allowed in to school at this time either.
  3. Only children with confirmed ‘key worker status’, those with a significant level of special educational needs with an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) or those who are especially vulnerable will be allowed to attend school. The guidance for this is to be published today. If parents are on the Key Worker list or you have a child with an EHCP AND you will want/need the support, please contact us on 01226 711332 to ensure we have you on our register. We cannot have a constantly changing register at this complex time- we aim to have a definitive group organised for Monday which will run until the situation improves to re-open our school and/or we receive further guidance. This is the only way to ensure that we can provide appropriate staffing levels and the required quality of guidance and care. 

    Telling us that you would be likely to need this support doesn’t guarantee that we can provide this but it would help us to start to plan NOW! We are currently working with a significantly reduced workforce due to staff self-isolating, and are struggling to stay open until Friday, and this is having an impact on what we can provide in school so please only consider children coming to school from Monday if it is completely needed to support your vital work.

    Current advice should be followed carefully re: self-isolation. Children may be sent home if they present as unwell even if parents are key workers as we follow the guidance about self isolating etc.

    Also, families currently self-isolating must complete their current course of absence (14 days from first instance for the whole family) before starting EVEN if they are applicable to the new limited schooling regulations.


  1. Depending on numbers we will make adjustments to the amount of staffing we need, the amount of spaces that we use and even the curriculum. If we have a very small number of pupils we may provide a blend of the same home learning opportunities that all children will receive and other creative activities.

We will not be teaching additional ‘new’ learning to the smaller group as this is unfair to their peers and will create a two-tiered approach to our curriculum planning when we return as a fully operational school.

 As stated earlier, guidance is changing on a daily basis, but as it stands today,  these are our plans. When further information is given, I will keep you informed. In the meantime, please stay safe.

Thank you for your support at this very challenging time.

 Yours sincerely

 Mrs Sam Benson

Head Teacher