School Uniform

Our high standards in teaching and learning  extend to the school uniform code and the expectations that children wear the correct uniform at all times.

Our uniform code is designed for pupils to represent the school in a positive, smart way.


Boys Uniform

Red school sweatshirt

White shirt or white polo shirt

Dark/Mid Grey trousers or shorts

Black shoes ( trainers are NOT allowed to be worn in school)

Boots worn in winter will be accepted, but preferably if they can be changed for plimsolls indoors.

Grey socks

Girls Uniform

Red school sweat shirt or cardigan

White blouse or white polo shirt

Dark/Mid Grey skirt or pinafore, grey trousers

Red and white gingham dress (summer)

Black shoes (trainers are NOT allowed to be worn in school) or sandals

Boots worn in winter will be accepted, but preferably if they can be changed for plimsolls indoors

White or grey socks

White or grey   tights

P.E. Kit

 Black shorts

White T-shirt

Tracksuit and trainers (if outdoors)


Children are not permitted to wear jewellery unless it is a wrist watch and/or stud ear rings. Bracelets and necklaces must not be worn in school.

If you are considering having your child’s ears pierced, we recommend that it is carried out at the start of the summer holidays to give the ears time to heal as ear rings must be removed when children are begin taught PE and are not allowed to be covered with plasters,


Hairstyles should be of a sensible, natural style.