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Class Shakespeare - Year 6


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Tuesday 2nd June 2020

PE with Joe Wicks at 9 o'clock this morning, or if you prefer you could do Mr Modest's Big Ten workout instead.


In this lesson, we will make inferences and support them using evidence from the text.


In today’s lesson, we will learn the procedure for multiplying fractions and express the products in their simplest form or as a mixed number.


In this lesson, we will recap our previous learning in Spanish and then learn how to answer the question ¿Dónde vives? and saying where we live in Spanish. For this lesson you will need a pen and pencil and some paper, as well as another person or a cuddly toy to have a conversation with!

World Environment Day and World Oceans Day

I was very impressed by how many of you managed to complete at least one of the tasks yesterday, I have added the two house points to your house and also added them next to your names on the chart in the classroom. We will have two winners for the most house points at the end of this half term.

Keep up the excellent work!

Miss Harker x

Monday 1st June 2020

PE with Joe Wicks this morning at 9 o'clock over on his YouTube.


During this session, we are going to answer fact retrieval questions.


Fractions: In this unit, you will build on your conceptual understanding of calculating with fractions, focusing on multiplication (of two proper fractions) and division (of a common fraction by an integer). In today’s lesson, we will represent multiplication of a fraction and integer, reason about multiplication and seek patterns.


In today's lesson, we will learn about the events that led to ending the Second World War. This will include looking at the Battle of Britain, the Pearl Harbour attacks, the D-Day landings, Stalingrad, and the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


In today's lesson, the Prime Minister has contracted COVID-19 through shaking hands during his official work. We must step up as his Deputy Prime Minister to lead the country by way of a formal public letter of guidance. The lesson works towards creating leaders - where we must think about how to provide the most relevant information in order that it influences people to act responsibly, collectively, and effectively. This guidance as a leader will help reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, thereby saving lives!


World Environment Day and World Oceans Day

This weeks extra project is all about World Environment and World Ocean Day, along with a few other extra ideas. For each task that you complete, you will earn 2 house points for you house, which will be  added to the boxes at school.

There is a document open on Google Classroom for you to submit your chosen task from below, or if you prefer you can just post pictures on the Google Classroom wall. Good luck!

I hope you have a lovely day!


Miss Harker x

Half Term

Friday 22nd May

Good Morning Year 6!

Today is our final day of online learning, as next week is half term! I will pop a few ideas/suggestions on here over the weekend incase you would like them during your week off.


In English today it is the culmination of your weeks work!

Your task is to write a diary entry focusing on Show Not Tell!

Can you include all other different types of sentences that we have focused on this week?

Can you convey emotion without just telling the reader?

Can you use an array of exciting vocabulary?

Can you add humour? Can you add personality to the text?

Although the task is to write about the best day of your life, you may choose any day you wish or even use a short video for inspiration.

I will share a short example that I have written on Google Classroom to show you what I am looking for.

Today's lesson on Oak National will also support you with your task, as it is all about 'Writing a Diary Entry'.



In today’s lesson, we will identify relationships between circle parts and then solve problems involving circles.


Friday Challenge Day!


In this lesson we will learn about harmony and then learn a new song written by an A-level Music student.

I hope you all have a great day! I can't wait to read your diary entry's.

Have a lovely half term break.

Miss Harker x


Thursday 21st May

Good Morning Class Shakespeare!

I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine yesterday.


In English, today we will be changing the genre!

Narative -> Diary Extract

Using one of the two narrative examples on Google Classroom and your knowledge from his weeks tasks and lessons, can you change the genre?

Can you change it from third person to first person?

Can you add emotions and show not tell?

It is essential to include a variety of sentence structure to engage the reader. Make them short! Make them complex. However, it is important to vary the length; it engages the reader and adds emphasis to individual phrases.

Think about how the characters in each narrative would be feeling? What would they say? How would they reflect?

Remember to use time connectives to sequence the events in the day!

You have produced fantastic examples of show not tell- can you include multiple examples in your work?


Cinderella received a letter the grand ball- how would she feel?

I couldn't believe my eyes. I was shaking. I had never received anything like it before. I looked at it. Stared.

In the second example Theseus was angered by the Minotaur.

I was enraged: I could feel my blood boiling. I just paced up and down. All I could think about was getting my hands on that vile beast.

I am looking forward to reading you examples.

Good luck!

Today's online lesson will also support you with the task. In this lesson, we will be looking at informal language.


In today’s lesson, we will identify the properties of a circle, name the parts and find out about the relationships between the parts.


Learn how to convert decimals into fractions in their simplest form.


In this lesson, we will learn about the Holocaust, also known as the Shoah. This horrifying period of history saw Hitler and the Nazis attempt to exterminate the entire Jewish people in Europe, as well as other groups. As a warning, this lesson includes some upsetting content.

Have a great day!

Miss Harker x



Wednesday 20th May

Good Morning Year 6!

Joe Wicks or Mr Modest's workout this morning.


Well done for the work you did yesterday, I will be marking it and getting it back to you today.

Use the link below to watch a video to support you with today's task: Tell and Show Three.

Today's lesson on Oak National is all about identifying features of a diary entry. Please make sure you take part in this lesson as it will support you with tomorrow and Friday's tasks.


In today’s lesson, we will use our knowledge of 3-D shapes and visualise nets of shapes in order to solve problems.


Learn how to divide decimal numbers by whole numbers.


In this lesson, we will look at how humans have changed over time and use the theory of evolution to explain these changes. Learning how to make and use tools, shelter, fire and language has enabled humans to spread all over the world. We will start to look at the impact that humans have had on some species of plants and animals. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil for this lesson.

Music Hub

The tutors at the Music Hub  have been working at home on online resources and they now have a YouTube channel with nearly 400 original videos which can be found here:

They also have an online learning section of their website which can be found here:

I hope you all have a great day! Keep smiling!

Miss Harker x

Tuesday 19th May

Good Morning Class Shakespeare!

I hope you had a great day yesterday! If you haven' already, make sure you take part in Mr Modest's exercise videos (at the top of this page.)


Today's task can be completed and submitted on Google Classroom. You all did an excellent job with your task yesterday.

Today's lesson on Oak National Academy will also support you with this week's task to write a diary entry. In this lesson, we will be looking at language.



In today’s lesson we will learn to recognise and build 3-D nets, you will then use this information to solve problems.


Learn how to multiply a decimal number by a whole number.


Today's Spanish lesson  all about explaining how you feel.


Learn about natural resources including agricultural and geological resources.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Miss Harker x

Monday 18th May


Good morning Year 6!

I hope you have had a brilliant weekend and are looking forward to another week of home learning!

You may have already noticed that at the top of this page, Mr Modest has posted three videos for you to join in with our very own Brierley PE lesson. This includes a warm up video, The Big 10 Challenge and a stretching video. Make sure you give them a try throughout this week!


In English this week we will be looking at different types of complex sentences, with a focus on description and conveying emotion – building up to writing a diary entry at the end of the week.  

Today, we will be focussing on show not tell sentences. How we can convey an emotion ‘without telling’ someone. 

We don’t walk around shouting I’m angry! I am happy! I am sad! We show it! 

Our body language tells those around us, without us having to! 

If I can’t sit still and I couldn’t sleep – this shows I am excited!

If my legs began to tremble and my palms were sweaty – this shows I am nervous! 

Use the link below to watch a video to support you with today's task.

You can do today's task on Google Classroom and submit it, however please also feel free to put your favourites on the wall for you friends to guess what emotion you are describing. I have also added my own on to the wall for you to have a guess.


Today's lesson on Oak National Trust is also related to writing a diary entry. In this lesson, we will be looking at language


In today’s lesson, we will revise the names of the parts of 2-D and 3-D shapes, name 3-D and identify 2-D faces of 3-D shapes.


On BBC Bitesize today, learn how to multiply and divide decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. This is something we have done lots of work on in class and it would be great for you to recap using this lesson.


In today's lesson, we will learn about how Hitler set about persecuting Jewish people. We will learn about the first concentration camps, what the 'Nuremberg Laws' were, and what happened on Kristallnacht.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Miss Harker x


Friday 15th May

Happy FriYAY Year 6!

It's almost the weekend! We have had another excellent week of online learning, you have all impressed me so much with your efforts and commitment.


Your stories are due in today, however because I did forget to add the document on to Google Classroom yesterday (I think I must have been very tired) if they aren't ready do not worry and you can submit them on Monday instead.


In today’s lesson, we will use the general rules that we learnt in the previous lesson to solve more complex problems involving coordinates.


It's Friday challenge day!


In this lesson we will sing and clap to the pulse and rhythm of a variety of different musical examples.


In this lesson learn about how famous Portuguese artist Paula Rego uses her artworks to tell stories, learn some basic artistic techniques and create your own artwork.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Miss Harker x

Thursday 14th May

Good Morning Year 6!

Down to the final last two days of our online learning for this week.


It is now time to start writing your story's using the planning you did yesterday and including the character and setting descriptions from the beginning of this week. This can be done on Google Classroom but does not need to be submitted until Friday. If you would prefer you could write your story on a word document and then copy and paste it on to the Google Doc ready to submit tomorrow.


In today’s lesson, we will look for general rules relating to coordinates and then work on finding missing coordinates.


In this lesson you will learn how to solve problems involving finding the fraction of an amount.


In this lesson we will be finishing our essay. This will give you the opportunity to review all of our learning so far and organise your knowledge into a long piece of writing, answering a big question about this fascinating and horrifying period of history.

Hope you have a lovely day.

Miss Harker x


Wednesday 13th May

Good Morning Class Shakespeare!

Hope you are all well.


For today's task you are going to be planning your story ready for writing it tomorrow. You have already chosen your setting and described it and described your main character, you will be able to use these descriptions if your story. Your planning that you do today does not need to be submitted but if you wish you can post a picture of it to me on Google Classroom. If you have any questions about your planning/story please feel free to post them on our Google Classroom wall and I will answer them.


In today’s lesson, describe reflections and reflect shapes on a coordinate grid.


In this lesson you will learn how to divide fractions by a whole number.


In this lesson, we will learn what the fossil record has taught us about the history of organisms that have existed on our planet. We will learn what a geologist is and what they can tell us about the organisms that have lived during each geological era of time. For this lesson you will need a piece of paper, a pencil and a ruler.


Explore adaptations in animals and plants.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Miss Harker

Tuesday 12th May

Good Morning Year 6!

Welcome to our second day of this week's online learning!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's tasks and are ready to get stuck into today's.

Don't forget to start your day right by joining in with Joe Wicks.


Well done for the setting descriptions you created yesterday. Today you will be thinking about creating your own character and then writing a character description to introduce them. This is ready for you on Google Classroom. Remember this character description, just like yesterday's setting description, is going to be used in your story that you will be writing at the end of the week.


In today’s lesson, we will learn to describe translation of coordinates and shapes and then translate shapes on a coordinate grid.


If you would like to practise your arithmetic skills, learn how to find the product of two fractions. 


In this lesson, we will recap our knowledge from last week and we will build on our knowledge by learning the days of the week. We can then use this, as well as our previous knowledge of months and numbers, to say the date in Spanish! For this lesson you will need some paper and a pen or pencil to write down your new vocabulary.


On BBC Bitesize today, learn about sustainability, plastics and recycling. This links back to our Global Goals project that we did a few weeks ago.

Have a wonderful day

Miss Harker x


Monday 11th May

Good Morning Class Shakespeare.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend  and enjoyed the sunshine!

Let's have another brilliant week of online learning!


This weeks English tasks are going to follow on daily in order for you to create and write your own story by the end of the week. Last week's online lessons should support you with this week's task, as they were all about setting descriptions, a key part of narrative writing. Today's task in ready for you on Google Classroom.


In this weeks lessons, you will develop your understanding of coordinates in all four quadrants, including developing skills using negative numbers, using this understanding to draw, translate and reflect shapes on a coordinate grid. You will use this knowledge to find missing coordinates in a range of 2-D shapes in problems both with and without gridlines and deepen your understanding of 3-D shape through exploring nets. You will also learn to define the parts of a circle before applying this to solve problems. This is something we started to look at when we were at school, so it should help you to recap and consolidate your learning.

In today’s lesson, you will learn to describe the position of coordinates on a full coordinate grid.


If you would like to recap and practise your arithmetic, in this lesson you will learn how to multiply fractions (including mixed numbers) by a whole number.


In this lesson we will be starting to write a report. This will give you the opportunity to review all of our learning so far and organise your knowledge into a long piece of writing, answering a big question about this fascinating and horrifying period of history.


I hope you have a lovely day.

Miss Harker x


Friday 8th May

Happy FriYAY Class Shakespeare!

Joe Wicks this morning, let's get ready for our final day of online learning with exercise to put us in a great mood!


I today's lesson, we will be describing a setting. For today's lesson, please watch the video to help give you ideas about writing a setting description, but do not worry about starting to write this today as we will be doing this next week instead!


In today’s lesson, we will represent the angles in a quadrilateral pictorially and algebraically before learning how to calculate missing angles.


In this lesson we will look at an Optical Illusion artwork before creating our own. You will learn to shade in to show that an object is three-dimensional. Share your art work on Google Classroom! 

VE Day

Today is the final day of this weeks' project and it is time to celebrate! Make sure you post pictures of how you are celebrating VE Day on Google Classroom to share with us all!

I hope you have an excellent day and a lovely weekend!

Miss Harker x

Thursday 7th May

Good Morning and happy Thursday!

It was great to see some of you yesterday on Google Hangout and I hope you found it useful to discuss this weeks learning and tasks that are coming up!

Joe Wicks this morning at 9am on YouTube.


Continuing with setting descriptions, in today's lesson, you will be using figurative language. This will help you when writing your own setting descriptions tomorrow.


On BBC Bitesize today, using the novel Tell Me No Lies you will learn about retrieving information accurately from the text, using inference skills about characterisation and writing in the style of an author. This is the same author as Pig Heart Boy which we read in Year 5.



Last week Class Shakespeare raised £138 for the Australian wildfires by selling cookies throughout the week! Well done Year 6!  

Digital Manipulatives

In todays maths lesson we used our digital manipulatives to practise reflecting shapes in all four quadrants. We were observing patterns within the coordinates to see how they changed when the shape was reflected in the Y and X axis. This then helped us with our problem solving questions.


This half term in PE we have been practising our gymnastic skills using the apparatus. We have really been working  hard on our presentation and balance. We have being drawing on inspiration from professional gymnasts and observing closely how they move around, present themselves and use their core strength.


Enterprise Week

This week in class Shakespeare we have taken part in Enterprise Week! We have identified profit margins, budgeted, purchased, designed and used it all to create a brilliant array of Reindeer Hot Chocolate Kits, ready to sell at our Christmas Fayre! Educational, festive and tasty; a brilliant week where the children have excelled! Entrepreneurs in the making! Well done class Shakespeare!  

Geography Day

Class Shakespeare have had an excellent Geography day; we took a trip to Brazil in South America. It was full off music, mini carnivals and football legends. We found out which climate zone Brazil is in and how this effects the average weather, as well as how it compares with the UK. With this new found knowledge, we created line graphs to showcase the data. Following this, we also found out which tectonic plate Brazil is part of. To complete our day, we stepped into the roll of travel agents and created informative travel brochures detailing the human and physical features of beautiful Brazil.


Published Authors ALERT

We have had some exciting news delivered to school today! Last month, Class Shakespeare entered the Young Writers Monster Poetry Competition; children entered their poems all about Monsters. The nationwide competition gave children the chance for their poems to be published into a real book - achieving national fame! We are super proud that a number of our pupils poems have been chosen to be published! We are now surrounded by published authors at Brierley School!  The children are thrilled and can not wait to see their published poems. Well done Class Shakespeare!


PE Competition Week

All week at Brierley we have had PE competitions. Class Shakespeare went head to head with Class Tolkien in our competition. The children were fantastic and all played a crucial part. They all displayed excellent teamwork, sportsmanship and camaraderie.


 Crucial Crew

This week class Shakespeare visited Crucial Crew. We had a brilliant day where the children learnt different skills to help them stay safe. We went around the Crucial Crew set and took part in different scenarios such as, fire safety, bus safety and first aid skills.


 National Holocaust Museum

Class Shakespeare had a very interesting day yesterday on our school trip to the National Holocaust Museum. We took part in 'The Journey' where we saw what life was like for a 10 year old Jewish boy named Leo living in Germany in 1938. We went round different rooms set out like they would have been in 1938, we visited his living room, his dad's tailor shop, the high street with different shops and finally the 'Kindertransport train' which brought Leo to safety in England. In the afternoon we met a Holocaust survivor who spoke to us about his time living in Amsterdam in 1940.


Class Book Tower

Our class book tower is always growing! We have also been taking on the '6 Word Challenge'. The children have been thinking carefully about which 6 words they want to use to describe and recommend the books they have been reading.  


Shakespeare's 1 o'clock news

We became scientist this week and created our own scientific news reports about how light travels and changes direction.



In English this half term we have been doing Macbeth by Shakespeare. We started by acting out Act 1 Scene 1. We have then been creating our own setting descriptions to help rewrite the scene. We have enjoyed writing our eerie setting descriptions.




Curriculum Information 2018/2019:

Summer 2 Class CG 2019

Summer 1 Class CG 2019

Spring 2 Class CG 2019

Spring 1 Class CG  2019

Autumn 2 Class CG 2018

Autumn 1 Class CG 2018


The start of our Aztec Gods and Goddesses art work!

Class CG celebrating a rise in their attendance. Last week we were at 94.7% but this week we got 98.3% 

Year 6 enjoying our Science day - I wonder if they can explain to you what our experiment was about?



Class CG's Topic for the Spring Term 'Our Mining Community'


Year 6 taking World Book Day by storm


Beatlemania hits Y6 with biographies about John Lennon .

Y6 discussions at Liturgy, considering faith and community.

Welcome to Class CG (Year 6)

This is a crucial year in our children’s primary education.

It is a statutory assessment year (SATS) where we will be assessed on writing, reading and mathematics as well as grammar, spelling and punctuation. Our statutory assessments will be in May 2019.

As we move into 2019, I will guide, nurture and advise the children on how we address assessments so that they are fully equipped to manage their week.

A careful, fun approach to our learning, with lots of hard work I hasten to add, will give the children the confidence to make this special year count, for themselves and our school community, where our Christian Values are taught and embedded into our everyday school life.

Hard work, best work always’, is a motto I like to use and the children know that I have high expectations of them to do their best throughout the year.

Please continue to support me by taking an interest in your child’s homework and by making sure their attendance is at a maximum so that they can fulfil their potential.

Thank you

Mr C.Green
Class  teacher



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