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A Message from Outwood Shafton July 15th

Following on from the  brief overview of the first day information please also now find the link below with a comprehensive presentation for parents from our principal outlining the extensive plans that we have put in place for September. 

 A link to this video is going to be texted out to year 6/7 parents (provided that we have up to date contact information for them) tomorrow but we would be grateful if you could also share this link with students and parents in whichever way you feel would best reach them. 

 Sept Parent Guide - Google Slides - Watch Video

A message from Outwood Hemsworth July 14th


Please find below a link to a video with answers to some of the student's FAQ's and a staff/student song at the end with messages that we have put together.  

Please could you ask your Y6 teachers to show this to students this week as we think it will help to reduce their anxiety about coming up in September. 

If they have any further questions please ask them to email and we will put the answers on our Transition website in the FAQ section. 


We also have some Maths resources to share with you for teaching in lessons. There are powerpoints and videos by our maths teachers to accompany these.

Please follow this link to access them:


Maths About Me Template


After SATs activities


Maths About Me Explanation Video


Perplexing Puzzles 


Meet The Department



Meet The Department number tasks.


We will be sending a letter to parents and carers later this week with information on uniform collection and the arrangements for the first day back as we know there are many questions regarding this. They will also be receiving over the summer holidays an individual coded letter for their online payment account for school lunches. 




A Message from Outwood Shafton  July 12th

Year 7 students will start at Outwood Academy Shafton on Thursday 3rd September.

 Students will need to arrive at the academy from 8:10am onwards to start the school day at 8:25. 

They will be in their mentor groups for the first day, getting to know each other and the academy. 


Students will need to arrive in full uniform with all of the equipment needed  - Equipment is an issue because we need to share equipment as little as possible. We will provide students with a ziplock bag to keep their items safe and a pencil case if they don't have one. Students will need to bring the following items from home please; a scientific calculator, 30cm full size ruler, glue stick, highlighters, compass and protractor. Some students may also wish to bring their own hand sanitizer and a small packet of tissues. 

They also need to bring in their PE kits so that we can check that they have everything that they need. 


Students in year 7 are also asked to bring in their own reading book from home please. 


The school day will finish at 2:30.


A letter letting students know which tutor group they are going to be in will be sent out during the last week of the summer break. 


Mrs Modest's stretch video


The Big 10 Challenge!

Keeps safe everyone!

For BMBC's road safety information  for children, copy this link below:

Class Shakespeare - Year 6


Starting back in September 2020

For children who have not got any siblings in school, their start time will be 9.00am, lining up on the right hand side of the barrier gate. The finish time will be 3.00pm, where you can collect your child from the pathway down Beech Close at the front of school. Your child will be escorted when crossing the road to meet you. For all other Year 6 children, the start time will be slightly different and this will be on your individual letter that was sent out on 10.07.20. These staggered start and finish times are in place to minimise congestion and contact with other bubbles of children.


For how to access home learning please click the links below:

Learning at Home (How to set up Gmail and access Twinkl Go)

How to set up Google Classroom


Thursday 16th July

Good Morning Year 6!

I will be sending out the zoom invites for tomorrow leaving assembly today so make sure you check your emails! The leaving assembly is tomorrow at 10 o'clock.


Just like yesterday, please use the link below to access the website, you will then need to scroll down to the bottom and click on Week 10 w/c 29th June. Then watch Lesson 4.

After watching the video, complete the two worksheets that have today's date on. I will post the answers on Google Classroom again this afternoon for you to mark your work.

Check Google Classroom today for more.


Miss Harker x

Tuesday 14th July

Good Morning Year 6!

I hope you are all ok, thank you to everyone who has sent me their video clips already. If you haven't if you could try to get them to me today that would be excellent. Information/instruction are all on Google Classroom.


In this lesson, we will look at reading comprehension questions.


Just like yesterday, please use the link below to access the website, you will then need to scroll down to the bottom and click on Week 10 w/c 29th June. Then watch Lesson 2: Calculating Ratio.

After watching the video, complete the two worksheets that have today's date on. I will post the answers on Google Classroom again this afternoon for you to mark your work.


In our lesson today we will recap our previous learning, then learn how to describe our hair and eye colour in Spanish. For this lesson you will need a pen and paper, as well as some colouring pencils!


Have a lovely day!

Miss Harker x


Monday 13th July

Good Morning Class Shakespeare and welcome to your final week at Brierley School!


During this lesson, we are going to be looking at structure questions.


Just like last week, please use the link below to access the website, you will then need to scroll down to the bottom and click on Week 10 w/c 29th June. Then watch Lesson 1: Introducing the Ratio Symbol. It will look like this:

After watching the video, complete the two worksheets that have today's date on. I will post the answers on Google Classroom again this afternoon for you to mark your work.


In this lesson, we will be learning all about places which have more older people than younger people. We call these ageing populations, and they can present some challenges, which will be explored.


Don't forget to send me your three videos on Google Classroom, all the information about what to do is on there. I will need these by the very latest Wednesday.


I hope you have a brilliant day! Miss Harker x

Friday 10th July

Good Morning Class Shakespeare, happy FriYAY!


During this lesson, we will be writing a biography. I have set up a document up on Google Classroom for you to submit your work so I can see what you have been up too.

Maths - Family Challenge Day

Today you will need to complete the challenge sheets in your work pack for this week. Some of them are really tricky and the idea is that you do them with people at home and work together to test your maths skills! I will post the answers this afternoon on Google Classroom. Good luck!


In this lesson we will sing a major and minor scale.

I hope you all have a lovely relaxing weekend!

Miss Harker x

Thursday 9th July

Good Morning Year 6, I hope you are all having an excellent week!


In this lesson, we are going to be looking at cohesive devices.


Use the link below to access the website, you will then need to scroll down to the bottom and click on Week 9 w/c 22nd June. Then watch Lesson 4: Volume. After watching the video, complete the two worksheets that have today's date on. I will post the answers on Google Classroom again this afternoon for you to mark your work.


In this lesson, we will learn all about food production, food distribution and food waste. With a growing global population, we will explore how we can meet the demand this places on food.



Last week Class Shakespeare raised £138 for the Australian wildfires by selling cookies throughout the week! Well done Year 6!  

Digital Manipulatives

In todays maths lesson we used our digital manipulatives to practise reflecting shapes in all four quadrants. We were observing patterns within the coordinates to see how they changed when the shape was reflected in the Y and X axis. This then helped us with our problem solving questions.


This half term in PE we have been practising our gymnastic skills using the apparatus. We have really been working  hard on our presentation and balance. We have being drawing on inspiration from professional gymnasts and observing closely how they move around, present themselves and use their core strength.


Enterprise Week

This week in class Shakespeare we have taken part in Enterprise Week! We have identified profit margins, budgeted, purchased, designed and used it all to create a brilliant array of Reindeer Hot Chocolate Kits, ready to sell at our Christmas Fayre! Educational, festive and tasty; a brilliant week where the children have excelled! Entrepreneurs in the making! Well done class Shakespeare!  

Geography Day

Class Shakespeare have had an excellent Geography day; we took a trip to Brazil in South America. It was full off music, mini carnivals and football legends. We found out which climate zone Brazil is in and how this effects the average weather, as well as how it compares with the UK. With this new found knowledge, we created line graphs to showcase the data. Following this, we also found out which tectonic plate Brazil is part of. To complete our day, we stepped into the roll of travel agents and created informative travel brochures detailing the human and physical features of beautiful Brazil.


Published Authors ALERT

We have had some exciting news delivered to school today! Last month, Class Shakespeare entered the Young Writers Monster Poetry Competition; children entered their poems all about Monsters. The nationwide competition gave children the chance for their poems to be published into a real book - achieving national fame! We are super proud that a number of our pupils poems have been chosen to be published! We are now surrounded by published authors at Brierley School!  The children are thrilled and can not wait to see their published poems. Well done Class Shakespeare!


PE Competition Week

All week at Brierley we have had PE competitions. Class Shakespeare went head to head with Class Tolkien in our competition. The children were fantastic and all played a crucial part. They all displayed excellent teamwork, sportsmanship and camaraderie.


 Crucial Crew

This week class Shakespeare visited Crucial Crew. We had a brilliant day where the children learnt different skills to help them stay safe. We went around the Crucial Crew set and took part in different scenarios such as, fire safety, bus safety and first aid skills.


 National Holocaust Museum

Class Shakespeare had a very interesting day yesterday on our school trip to the National Holocaust Museum. We took part in 'The Journey' where we saw what life was like for a 10 year old Jewish boy named Leo living in Germany in 1938. We went round different rooms set out like they would have been in 1938, we visited his living room, his dad's tailor shop, the high street with different shops and finally the 'Kindertransport train' which brought Leo to safety in England. In the afternoon we met a Holocaust survivor who spoke to us about his time living in Amsterdam in 1940.


Class Book Tower

Our class book tower is always growing! We have also been taking on the '6 Word Challenge'. The children have been thinking carefully about which 6 words they want to use to describe and recommend the books they have been reading.  


Shakespeare's 1 o'clock news

We became scientist this week and created our own scientific news reports about how light travels and changes direction.



In English this half term we have been doing Macbeth by Shakespeare. We started by acting out Act 1 Scene 1. We have then been creating our own setting descriptions to help rewrite the scene. We have enjoyed writing our eerie setting descriptions.




Curriculum Information 2018/2019:

Summer 2 Class CG 2019

Summer 1 Class CG 2019

Spring 2 Class CG 2019

Spring 1 Class CG  2019

Autumn 2 Class CG 2018

Autumn 1 Class CG 2018


The start of our Aztec Gods and Goddesses art work!

Class CG celebrating a rise in their attendance. Last week we were at 94.7% but this week we got 98.3% 

Year 6 enjoying our Science day - I wonder if they can explain to you what our experiment was about?



Class CG's Topic for the Spring Term 'Our Mining Community'


Year 6 taking World Book Day by storm


Beatlemania hits Y6 with biographies about John Lennon .

Y6 discussions at Liturgy, considering faith and community.

Welcome to Class CG (Year 6)

This is a crucial year in our children’s primary education.

It is a statutory assessment year (SATS) where we will be assessed on writing, reading and mathematics as well as grammar, spelling and punctuation. Our statutory assessments will be in May 2019.

As we move into 2019, I will guide, nurture and advise the children on how we address assessments so that they are fully equipped to manage their week.

A careful, fun approach to our learning, with lots of hard work I hasten to add, will give the children the confidence to make this special year count, for themselves and our school community, where our Christian Values are taught and embedded into our everyday school life.

Hard work, best work always’, is a motto I like to use and the children know that I have high expectations of them to do their best throughout the year.

Please continue to support me by taking an interest in your child’s homework and by making sure their attendance is at a maximum so that they can fulfil their potential.

Thank you

Mr C.Green
Class  teacher



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