In Design Technology Class Dahl designed and made their own air raid shelter.



Class Dahl used lots of creative skills during our Enter Prize Week. 



Class Dahl had great fun at Eden Camp we learnt lots more interesting facts about WWII!


To help us with our World War II topic, Help For Heroes visitors can in to talk to Class Dahl about how war has affected them and their families. 


Class Dahl enjoyed our Hero Day.

Who is your hero? What reminds you of your hero?


Children in Class Dahl have worked together to discuss and find out what information is safe and unsafe to share online.


  Are Promises important?

Today Class Dahl found out how important they are during our wedding ceremony!





In Class Dahl we have some amazing actors and actresses! 

Would you like to live next door to Mr and Mrs Twit?



Class Dahl enjoyed playing tricks on each other. They were even better than Mr and Mrs Twits tricks!

We had The Coloured Teeth Trick and The Tied Shoe Lace Trick.





How important are our promises?

Today Class EF found out by having a wedding ceremony!

 Can Christians make the world a better place?

Class EF recorded their thoughts and then discussed their ideas!




During KS2 assembly we shared a celebration of the start of Christianity, this is called Pentecost.




Today we have enjoyed the sunshine, we have walked around Brierley and tidied up our environment. We did a great job!



In Maths we have enjoyed collecting  data from each pupil in our class. We asked 'what is your favourite subject?' We then used this to make our own Bar Chart!


Everything is ready......Class EF won the attendance prize this term so were given £25 to spend on treats. But they very generously decided that they wanted to give some to charity.  So we made a deal that they gave a small part of it to Cancer Research and the rest has been spent on Easter Goodies to make their own baskets. Happy Easter everyone!   


Just a few photographs that sums up the great learning that Class EF did yesterday at Creswell Craggs. We had a great day! 



Today we enjoyed eating the sandwiches that we designed ourselves. Our teddies joined in the fun!

Thank -you so much Class EF for being so generous and donating your toys to the Barnsley Children's Ward.

Jane Mills came to collect them and was over the moon with your generosity!


We had great fun on Science Day making boats and testing to see what affects the way they float.


In R.E we have been thinking about how people can help others in the community. So we decided we wanted to help others too. Therefore we donated some of our toys and we are going to take them to the children's ward at Barnsley hospital. We hope to make them smile!



This is Class EF doing some creative dance moves. Can you tell that they are trying to act cool? 


Magnet investigations-we were testing which materials were attracted to the magnet. 


What do you think about our cave paintings? amazing do we all look today? World Book Day in Class EF. 


Class EF had a great visit to Eden Camp.

They saw and learned lots of new things…

Class EF have been thinking about Remembrance day and linking it to the topic of WW2…

They created and made their own poppy, drew one on the computer and then wrote about how the soldier might have been feeling.

The Iron Man has made an appearance in Class EF’s classroom. He has helped us with our writing. 

Class EF have displayed work on their letter writing skills.

We have written formal and informal letter in English this half term. 

Class EF are loving the WW2 topic.


 Here we have displayed writing as an evacuee, all about trying on gas masks and also about how they prepared themselves for the bombing raids.

The art work shows a bombing raid and blackout.

Class EF children were evacuees for the afternoon. 


In Class EF we are dressed up as WW2 evacuees…

We were trying to imagine what it was like for these children as they left their home and loved ones behind.

Class EF have been learning how to write effective instructions.

We were working in groups to create a set of instructions which included as many features as we could. This is in preparation for our BIG write on Friday. 


Hello and welcome to Class EF (Year 3)

We have returned from the Summer break and are now settling down to focus and work hard.

Our aim is to listen well and try our best.

We will be working as a team as together we achieve more.

We will develop our Christian Values and apply these in all we do.

Thank you.

Mrs Fella
Class Teacher