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End of Year expectations

Please find the video of Bells Ring Out (Class White's Christmas performance) on our Google Classroom page. It is split into 2 parts due to the performance lasting 20 minutes. I'm sure you will agree, that the children have, once again, shown great enthusiasm and commitment. Everyone sang beautifully, acted professionally and most importantly had a wonderful time. Thank you for your continued support. 

Mrs Hanks 


Visit to Church

Today, we visited St Luke’s church in Brierley to ask Father Jonathan all about Incarnation and the Holy Spirit. We learnt that Incarnation means flesh and that God took on human form by sending his son Jesus to Earth. We also learnt that the Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity – The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We learnt that Christians are christened so that they become part of God’s family and will have the Holy Spirit to guide them and look after them. We said that sometimes the Holy Spirit can be shown as a dove or a candle (light).

Father Jonathan also allowed us to light the first candle of the Advent wreath. He explained to us that each candle counts down the days to the birth of Christ.

Please see the wonderful photographs below. 


Christmas fun! Party Time! 

Class White have had a wonderful time dancing, singing and playing lots of party games. As you can see, there were lots of happy, smiley faces. Ho, ho  ho - they also saw Santa in the playground! He had delivered the children some presents at lunchtime. Merry Christmas everyone! 

What a fabulous afternoon in DT! We had great fun learning how to assemble our car chassis in preparation for our safari Jeep design. The final design will need to be able to withstand heavy loads, be durable, practical and travel over rough terrain in the Serengeti National Park, in order for tourists to catch a glimpse at the Big Five. Let's hope the lion isn't sleeping that night and we can hear his magnificent ROAR!

Car Chassis DT

Take a look at some of our wonderful artwork created for the Rotary Art Club Competition in November. Our theme was Remembrance Day. We hope that you enjoy them. 

Remembrance Day Artwork

What a great afternoon, learning some basic movements for our very own flamenco dance in Spanish with Senora Britton.

Class White have been looking at identifying a variety of habitats and exploring why organisms live in different habitats. We enjoyed exploring our outside area and around the pond. Can you guess what we found?



Welcome to Class White!

We hope that you have enjoyed your Summer break and are feeling excited to start the year with a bang! We are delighted to welcome you into our Year 4 class and can't wait to get to know you all. There are lots of thrilling things planned for you to learn about and explore. The class page will be regularly updated so that you can see what we have been learning about in class. Tweets will also give you the opportunity to see the exciting learning happening in Class White. Important information for parents/carers will also be added to this class page.

The Autumn curriculum letter to parents will be added ready for the start of the term. 

I hope that you are looking forward to the new year as much as we are! See you all very soon. 

Class Morpurgo -  Year 4

Summer 2 2021 Curriculum Letter to Parents

Summer 1  2021 Curriculum Letter to Parents

Spring 2 2021 Curriculum Letter to Parents

Spring 1 2021 Curriculum Letter to Parents 

Autumn 2  2020 Curriculum Letter to Parents


Welcome back Class Morpurgo to the start of another exciting year! Please click the link below to find a copy of the Autumn 1 newsletter. 


Autumn 1 Newsletter 

Experimenting with colour mixing and painting in the style of Paul Cezanne
Experimenting with colour mixing and painting in the style of Paul Cezanne


Class Morpurgo have been thinking about our Christian Value for this half term and what it means to them. They have created thankfulness flowers to remember all of the things they are thankful for and have expressed their ideas through the medium of art.

Thankfulness Flowers
Thankfulness Flowers
RE Assessment Thankfulness
RE Assessment Thankfulness

Design and Technology

Class Morpurgo have been busy designing a torch for Grace Jenkins from Why the Whales Came to help her during blackout in WW1. They have made their own circuits and carefully considered their designs and materials. Electric torch

Science Day

Class Morpurgo carried out a series of experiments to investigate the properties solids and liquids and how they behave when they are heated. Click on the pictures below to see the children in action. 

Class Morpurgo Art Gallery

Please click on the pictures below to see some our wonderful artwork on repeating patterns and our Easter art: The Last Supper in the style of our artist Cezanne. 


KS2 Christmas Production 2020

'Christmas Around the World'


Welcome back to the second autumn term. I hope that you have all had a lovely break and are rested. Please click on the link below for the latest newsletter for this half term. If you have any queries, please do let me know. Mrs. Hanks

Wearing Yellow for World Mental Health Day  

Science Morning

Class Morpurgo have had a wonderful morning learning all about different habitats and animals/organisms that live in and around our school grounds. We even found little frogs down by the pond. 


Geography Morning

Class Morpurgo have had a fabulous Geography morning learning about Africa. Did you know, Africa is made up of 54 countries?


Please find the link for the road safety newsletter for your information,


Welcome to your new school year.

 Welcome back Class Morpurgo to the start of another exciting year! Please click the link below to find a copy of the Autumn 1 newsletter. 

Autumn 1 Newsletter


Google Classroom

Here is the invitation code for Class Morpurgo's Google Classroom 


If you haven't already done so, please log into Google Classroom to be able to access the weekly homework tasks. If you need any guidance on how to do this, please see the How to access Google Classroom link below and use the code 4gxj5y6 to sign up. Please let me know f you need any help and will endeavour to sort it for you. 

Mrs. Hanks


How to access Google Classroom


Class Morpurgo now have Google Classroom! Please read the letter Learning at Home (linked below) for information on how to set up a Google/Gmail account, then read the slides (linked above) for instructions on how to access Google Classroom. 






Starting back in September 2020

For children who do not have any siblings in school, their start time will be 9.20am, lining up on the left hand side of the barrier gate. The finish time will be 3.20pm, where you can collect your child from the pathway down Beech Close at the front of school. Your child will be escorted when crossing the road to meet you. For all other Year 4 children, the start time will be slightly different and this will be on your individual letter that was sent out on 10.07.20. These staggered start and finish times are in place to minimise congestion and contact with other bubbles of children.