Class Morpurgo -  Year 4


Curriculum Information 2019/2020:

Autumn 1 Class Morpurgo 2019

Autumn 2 Class Morpurgo 2019

Spring 1 Class Morpurgo 2020


Maths Detectives

We have been looking at the different kinds of patterns the times tables can make. Ask us what we found out and if our hypothesis was correct.


Geography Day

We have been looking at the flooding in Doncaster for our Geography day and the possible causes for the flooding.


Prayer Day

Today in school the children were focusing on prayer day. Each child in our class had prayer hands. They decorated them with words that were important to them and the school and they each wrote their own individual prayer. Look on twitter for lots more photos of all the classes work.


Savage Britain

The class started their new History topic today about Savage Britain. They started to look at when the Romans invade England and put the dates into chronological order on to a timeline.  It was a great start to the topic and the children are excited to learn more.


Hockey Fantastic

Class Morpurgo have worked so hard on their hockey skills that they played some mini matches this afternoon

Music Time

Class Morpurgo enjoying their music afternoon today. The children took it in turns to play different verses of the song 'Jelly on a plate' before all coming together for the last verse! Great job 



Curriculum Information 2018/2019:

Summer 2 Class EH 2019

Summer 1 Class EH 2019

Spring 2 Class EH 2019

Spring 1 Class EH 2019

Autumn 2 Class EH 2018

Autumn 1 Class EH 2018


Yorkshire Sculpture Park

We had a great day at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, they rain mostly stayed away and we saw some amazing sculptures. In the morning we practiced our sketching and investigated how to make things look bigger and smaller using perspective. In the afternoon we got very hands on and built sculptures from junk materials. Our sculptures were named "The Trampolining Shark", "The Skipping Frog", "The Parachuting Dragon" and " The Tightrope Walking Mouse". Can you guess which is which?





Harvest hymns to inspire us

We thought about the words in one of our Harvest hymns and used them to inspire our art work.  We have been very busy completing our Harvest pictures.

Welcome to Class AH (Year 4)

I hope you are looking forward to our learning journey through year 4 and that you are ready for the exciting new challenges ahead

Together we will enjoy topics ranging from The Victorian workhouse and the Chinese dynasties to the science of sound and the human body. We will also have many opportunities throughout the year to use our creative skills to share our learning.

Our main focus this year will be on learning to challenge ourselves and overcome any obstacles, as well as growing in both maturity and spirituality.

Our Christian Values will underpin all that we do in class AH this year.

Mrs Hartley
Class Teacher



Welcome to your New Class

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