Class Potter -   Year 1

 Welcome to our new school year 2019/2020.

Curriculum Information 2019/2020:

Spring 1 Class Potter 2020

Autumn 1 Class Potter 2019

Autumn 2 Class Potter 2019


Artist Visit

We had a visit from the artist Peter Swidrak this week!  Class Potter were inspired by his painting to create their own using different patterns.


Share a Book Friday

On Friday Class Potter shared a book with their parents.


Yorkshire Wildlife Park Visit

Class Potter visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park this week. We saw lots of different animals and were able to use our knowledge about animal groups to identify them as mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, fish or amphibians. We enjoyed holding and stroking Colin the giant cockroach, Sheldon the giant African land snail and Leo the leopard gecko.

Curriculum Information 2018/2019:

Summer 2 Class SH Y1 2019

Summer 1 Class SH Y1 2019

Spring 2 Class SH Y1 2019

Spring 1  Class SH Y1 2019

Autumn 2 Class SH Y1 2018

Autumn 1 Class SH Y1 2018



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