“Hello everyone and welcome to Brierley Church of England Primary School. Thank you for taking a look at our website, which we are very proud of and which we are sure you will find informative and interesting. It will give you a glimpse into our daily lives and we invite you to join us in celebrating the achievements, experiences and opportunities of our pupils and staff. Our aims are simple in that we aspire that all pupils learn and play in a safe and happy environment so reaching their full potential. We welcome our distinctiveness as a church school which supports the pupils in their spiritual and emotional growth. If you would like to know more about us then we invite you to come and have a look around our lovely school, but in the meantime – happy browsing!”
Mr Reed, Headteacher


Christ has no hands but our hands to do His work today

Christ has no feet but our feet to lead others on their way

Christ has no lips but our lips to tell others why He died

Christ has no love but our love to win others to His side.

Attendance and support

My name is Mrs Conway and I am the school’s parent support adviser.

The last thirty years of my career has been spent working within education in a number of roles which has included working with children and young people from the ages of three to eighteen and their families.  I am looking forward to working with you and your children to build on the success of our school.

As you are already aware, attendance is a key priority for school as this is vital for your child’s learning, development and attainment.  I will therefore be working closely with Education Welfare Services in order to improve attendance and achieve our target of 96% for this academic year.  As parents we really need you on board to support us in achieving this.  Good attendance will continue to be celebrated as this is proven to encourage children to attend school, arrive on time and be prepared and motivated to learn.

I will be available in school to speak and meet with any parent regarding any concerns you may have about your child – no matter how big or small.


Learning about the past

Pit Closures…

As we reach the end of our topic on our local history of coal mining Class FS discovered the extreme action the miners took going on strike for a year to save their pit. We considered the arguments from both sides but wanted to experience what peaceful protest would feel like. We made our own signs and banners and proudly paraded them around the playground.

Safety on the Roads!

Alison Cooper (Barnsley Road Safety) recently visited school to work with Mrs Conway and our road safety officers. Classes MB, SH and SG enjoyed learning about staying safe on the roads. They listened very carefully, saw how to cross the road safely and answered lots of questions. A big thank you to everyone who helped and reinforced the important message to ……..STOP!……..LOOK! and ……….LISTEN! whenever you are close to the road!

Portals to the Past

Class EF had a very interesting and fun day learning all about the Stone Age. ‘Portals To The Past’ workshop came in and taught us lots of new facts to do with life in the Stone Age. By the end of the day the children were experts in how the Stone Age people lived. ‘One of my best ever days at school!’ said one of the children as they were leaving the school hall.

More work from our TASC day!

Class EF had lots of fun taking part in Tasc Day, we played board games and designed our own game. We wrote a set of instructions on how to play each game, all in all a very interesting and enjoyable day with lots of fantastic ideas!

Sh….. what can we hear?

Class MB went on a listening walk around our school, with their extra big ears they listened very carefully and were surprised at all of the different sounds around us. Children playing………  teachers talking……..  dinner ladies cooking and lots and lots of laughter!


Thinking Actively in a Social Context

Class FS have had a fantastic day researching the board games that are currently available and then designing and making our own. This week we will be writing the instructions and creating advertisements to ‘sell’ these to our classmates.

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Newsletter 5 February 2018

Newsletter No 5 22 02 18