“Hello everyone and welcome to Brierley Church of England Primary School. Thank you for taking a look at our website, which we are very proud of and which we are sure you will find informative and interesting. It will give you a glimpse into our daily lives and we invite you to join us in celebrating the achievements, experiences and opportunities of our pupils and staff. Our aims are simple in that we aspire that all pupils learn and play in a safe and happy environment so reaching their full potential. We welcome our distinctiveness as a church school which supports the pupils in their spiritual and emotional growth. If you would like to know more about us then we invite you to come and have a look around our lovely school, but in the meantime – happy browsing!”
Mr Reed, Headteacher


Christ has no hands but our hands to do His work today

Christ has no feet but our feet to lead others on their way

Christ has no lips but our lips to tell others why He died

Christ has no love but our love to win others to His side.


attendancejwMy name is Mrs Winstanley and I work in school as a Parent Support Advisor. I am available most days in school to speak to any parent/ carer regarding concerns they may have about their child. No matter how big or small, I am on hand to ensure your child has an enjoyable experience at Brierley CE Primary. Attendance is of key importance to your child’s learning and development, so I will continue to work closely with the Educational Welfare Services to improve this within our school. The school is committed to achieving our target of 96% this academic year and hope that we have you on board to help this happen. Continual reviews take place in school regarding the way attendance is celebrated. This ensures we can positivity encourage children to attend school, on time and ready to learn. I thank you for your support throughout the last academic year and look forward working with you again to build on our success.

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Viking Longships

The Vikings built fast ships for raiding and war. These ships were ‘dragon-ships‘ or ‘longships‘. 

Viking longships could sail in shallow water, so they could travel up rivers as well as across the sea. In a raid, a ship could be hauled up on to a beach. The Vikings could jump out and start fighting, and then make a quick getaway if they were chased. 

Class CG have been constructing Viking long boats from paper, straws and match sticks. They were all a fantastic success!

A Viking warrior visits Class CG!

Welayn ‘The Viking’ took our class back to the Viking period. We heard tales of the lives of the Vikings in that time. 

We dressed as Vikings and even  re-enacted a Viking battle. We all had a great time!

QDOS creates

On Monday Class EF watched a performance created by performing arts company QDOS, afterwards they took part in some different drama activities to promote healthy eating.

Class MB working hard!

Here are a few photos of the learning that has taken place in our FS2 classroom during the pupils’ first half term at school!

Our learning has included: building bridges for the billy goats gruff, baking gingerbread man, writing in sand and magic foam whilst playing with our friends in all the different continuous provision areas. We are looking forward to learning and having more fun after our holiday when we begin our ‘Celebrations’ topic. Well done everyone for working so hard!


Crucial Crew 2016

Year 6 had a fantastic day learning how to stay safe and help others!

Poetry Slam…

Class FS have been writing performance poetry. Today we held a ‘poetry slam’ competition to pick an overall winner. We had poems about football, animals, inset days and even YouTube! Congratulations to our winner!


Congratulations Mrs Winstanley!

We wanted to share the exciting news of the safe  arrival of Rosie Mai Rawson, she was born on 12thOctober, weighing 7lb 12oz!


FOBS Newsletter 14th October 2016

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-14-00-25FOBS Newsletter 14th October 2016


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 Minutes for the FOBS meeting dated 05/10/2016

 Minutes for the FOBS meeting dated 05/10/2016


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Saying thank you

The children and staff attended our harvest festival service at St Paul’s. Fr Ian led our worship as we gave thanks for our food, whilst remembering those families who did not always have enough to eat. Pupils explained the tradition of harvest festival which dated back to Victorian times and gave bible readings for everyone to listen to, enjoy and reflect. 

Thank you to our friends and parents for attending and also for the many gifts of fruit and vegetable that were distributed by Class FS to the elderly residents of our village.