“Hello everyone and welcome to Brierley Church of England Primary School. Thank you for taking a look at our website, which we are very proud of and which we are sure you will find informative and interesting. It will give you a glimpse into our daily lives and we invite you to join us in celebrating the achievements, experiences and opportunities of our pupils and staff. Our aims are simple in that we aspire that all pupils learn and play in a safe and happy environment so reaching their full potential. We welcome our distinctiveness as a church school which supports the pupils in their spiritual and emotional growth. If you would like to know more about us then we invite you to come and have a look around our lovely school, but in the meantime – happy browsing!”
Mr Reed, Headteacher


Christ has no hands but our hands to do His work today

Christ has no feet but our feet to lead others on their way

Christ has no lips but our lips to tell others why He died

Christ has no love but our love to win others to His side.


attendancejwMy name is Mrs Winstanley and I work in school as a Parent Support Advisor. I am available most days in school to speak to any parent/ carer regarding concerns they may have about their child. No matter how big or small, I am on hand to ensure your child has an enjoyable experience at Brierley CE Primary. Attendance is of key importance to your child’s learning and development, so I will continue to work closely with the Educational Welfare Services to improve this within our school. The school is committed to achieving our target of 96% this academic year and hope that we have you on board to help this happen. Continual reviews take place in school regarding the way attendance is celebrated. This ensures we can positivity encourage children to attend school, on time and ready to learn. I thank you for your support throughout the last academic year and look forward working with you again to build on our success.

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Healthy eating!

Class EF have been designing their own ‘healthy’ sandwiches. They look delicious!!

We’re going on a bear hunt!

Class MB have been busy ‘exploring’ this half term. After reading the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’, the children went on their own bear hunt!

Going underground!

On Wednesday 8th February Class FS visited the National Coal Mining Museum as part of our local history topic about coal mining in our area. We were very excited to see all of the equipment we had been learning about in class and were even brave enough to travel 180m underground on the ‘working life as a miner’ tour. We had a fantastic day and this first-hand experience has given us some excellent ideas for our writing next half term.


Let’s Investigate!

Class FS have been posing their own questions to collect data about our favourite things. We then used this data in a range of graphs and charts. Mrs Steadman was really impressed with the maths we used and our protractor skills to create pie charts.

Year 6 Bootcamp!

To improve our fitness and boost our brainpower Class FS have been doing some H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training) workouts. Each week we can sprint faster, jump higher and plank longer – Mrs Steadman can barely keep up! 

Well done Class AH!

Mrs Hartley’s class has recently completed their swimming lessons for this year and we are really pleased with the progress they have made. An exceptional effort from all of the children and a big thank you to Miss Weldon for her time and support of everyone!

What will the children be learning this half-term?

To help the children in their work we hope that our parents and friends will take a look at our activities and learning focus for the first part of the Spring term. 


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Newsletter 3 : 6th January 2017

Newsletter 3 : 6th January 2017

Five Gold Rings!

Did the key stage 2 pupils ‘tick all the boxes’ during our end of term Christmas Show – “Five Gold Rings”?

Mr Reed asked the audience for their thoughts;

  • Christmas Songs 
  • Traditional carols
  • Live entertainment (above expectations)
  • Full pupil participation
  • Audience enjoyment
  • Pupil enjoyment
  • Working together 
  • Outstanding achievement
  • Being proud of each and every pupil

All of the boxes were ticked, Christmas can now officially begin!