FS2 at Brierley CE Primary School

Our EYFS curriculum establishes a strong foundation for future learning. From the very beginning, we actively engage children in their educational journey. Our main objective is for children to complete FS2 with the essential skills needed to thrive and succeed in Year 1. We aspire for our children to be confident, compassionate individuals capable of overcoming challenges and expressing themselves effectively.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is child-centered, incorporating a wide range of experiences and topics designed to engage and stimulate the children. We promote active learning to keep the children motivated and interested. At Brierley, we recognise each child as an individual and foster positive relationships that focus on their unique interests, allowing us to develop a customised curriculum. This approach results in a personalised and flexible curriculum that caters to the needs of both individual children and groups alongside knowledge driven PKC.

At Brierley we use Read Write Inc (RWI) - a systematic synthetic phonics programme which helps all children learn to read fluently and at speed. In Maths we use the NCTEM mastery in number.


How we learn in Donaldson Class.

We adhere to and plan for all areas of the new EYFS curriculum to ensure a broad, balanced, and progressive learning environment. A crucial element in developing essential knowledge and skills is the use of continuous provision, both indoors and outdoors. Through play-based activities, children develop emotional, social, physical, and communication skills. This 'continuous provision' fosters key characteristics such as independence, curiosity, energy, and enthusiasm. Throughout the school day, we encourage children to work independently, with their peers, and with adults.

Daily guided activities are carefully planned to cover various areas of the EYFS curriculum and identify each child's next steps for learning. Through observation and discussion, we pinpoint areas of need and next steps to ensure all children make good progress. Our EYFS staff regularly observe children's learning and then design appropriate activities to meet these next steps. When necessary, we implement and continually monitor personalised learning and interventions for groups or individual children.

At Brierley, we believe that communication with parents and carers is essential. Parents have the opportunity to meet with the new teacher, visit their child’s new learning environment, and attend transition visits before the new school year begins.

Personal, social and emotional development.

From their first day of school, we want children to feel part of the Brierley School and a strong community. We help them form positive relationships with all adults in the school and build lifelong friendships. Children are encouraged to consider others, care for people, and care for our school environment. Our timetable and engaging environment promote independence and resilience. We support children in managing their personal and hygiene needs and teach them the importance of maintaining good health. Adults model perseverance when facing difficulties, encouraging children to challenge themselves and believe in their abilities. We emphasise the importance of rules and making the right choices, encouraging children to reflect on their own and others' actions and behaviour. Our goal is to provide a secure foundation for developing strong personal, social, and emotional skills throughout their school journey.


Physical Development.

We are developing an outdoor area that promotes physical challenges with large, moveable equipment, allowing children to use their imaginations to create their own trails, dens, and games. We continually introduce activities to enhance children's balance, strength, and coordination. Under adult supervision and guidance, children learn to take measured risks. Additionally, children participate in weekly PE lessons where they learn various movements, develop ball skills, and engage in team games. During weekly ‘welly walks,’ children explore the outdoor environment, observe seasonal changes, and learn about plants and animals. Through both provision challenges and adult-led activities, children develop fine motor skills, which are crucial for establishing a good pencil grip and ensuring a smooth transition to writing in Year One.


Communication and Language.

Throughout the year, children develop their speaking and listening skills. Both indoor and outdoor displays feature key vocabulary related to current learning. Adults model effective language use, encouraging children to incorporate new vocabulary into their play and discussions. Each topic includes enhancements to the learning environment, such as role-play areas and small-world play, which inspire children to act out scenarios and discuss the concepts they are learning. In daily English lessons, we teach children to communicate their ideas through whole-class discussions and talk partner activities. Children are encouraged to ask questions and participate in group discussions whenever possible. At Brierley, we promote oracy through our classroom rules which are displayed and discussed daily and fun games in FS2 that promote good listening and clear voices.

Fostering a love of reading is a core value across our school. In class Donaldson, we promote this through daily story sessions and provide access to high-quality stories and non-fiction books in our reading area. We use the Read Write Inc phonics program to ensure all children become confident readers from an early age. During the first term, children are given non-worded books to help them develop early reading skills, such as turning pages and discussing characters and settings. Children also have the opportunity to choose a book from our school library, which they can exchange weekly. Additionally, FS2 children enjoy a shared reading time each week with their Year 3 reading buddies. Parents have the opportunity to come and share a book with their child fortnightly.