We are now using an exciting new online Geography platform called Oddizzi to develop the enrichment of our curriculum.


At Brierley, we believe Geography is an important feature of the curriculum where pupils can see how they fit within the local, national, and global environment. Geography is not just an exciting, relevant subject which can be seen in action in the daily lives of our pupils, it is a subject through which children can begin to develop responsibility for the people, animals, plants and the planet. Through their work in geography children learn about their local area by interpreting and creating their own maps, and compare their life in this locality to other regions in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. Therefore, through their growing knowledge and understanding of human geography, every Brierley child will gain an appreciation of life is lived within other cultures across the globe.

Geography is taught discretely in our curriculum because we wanted each child to benefit from the excitement and challenge in learning about the planet and its people. We study the national curriculum in thrilling topics which may be taught over a half-term or often in a dedicated geography day. Our enthusiastic children then produce a piece of extended writing, linking their English knowledge and skills, about what they’ve learned about the geographical region or process.

Each child is supported and challenged throughout their learning in geography, either through different types of resource, task, and we provide opportunities to learn outdoors wherever possible.

We follow the PKC curriculum and use a new online Geography platform called Oddizzi to engage the children with being geographers. This exciting new platform links schools around the world with each other and provides progression in skills, vocabulary and mapping. 

We use a system of formative assessment throughout each lesson, as this not only enables our teachers to find any gaps in the children’s understanding and provide support, but this system regularly enables our teachers to find opportunities to challenge our children even further.

For monitoring of assessment data, we then use the INSIGHT system to input the achievement of each child. This data is stored then reviewed regularly to help teachers review their progress, and is then passed onto following teachers to build upon.

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