Modern Foreign Languages: Spanish

The intent of the MFL curriculum at Brierley is to ensure the progressive development of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills in Spanish in an enjoyable and stimulating way. We aim to embed these skills to enable the children to use and apply their language learning in a variety of contexts and to lay the foundations for future language learning. We provide an introduction to the culture of Spain (and other Spanish countries and communities) so that children develop a tolerance and respect of different people and places, whilst fostering their curiosity and understanding of the wider world. Discrete Spanish lessons with a Spanish speaking teacher means children are exposed to authentic, conversational Spanish and they are also provided with further opportunities to listen to native Spanish speakers.

Spanish is taught discretely in our curriculum by a specialist teacher because we understand the benefits of exposure to authentic Spanish from an early age. We study the national curriculum in topics which are taught over a term and we exploit opportunities for wider learning in collaboration with other local schools, for example,  in celebration of European Day of Languages in September.

Each child is supported and challenged throughout their learning in Spanish, either through different types of resource, task, and we provide opportunities for cross-curricular learning wherever possible.

Our visiting Spanish teacher uses a system of formative assessment throughout each lesson. This not only enables our Spanish teacher to find any gaps in the children’s understanding and provide support, but this system regularly enables our teacher to find opportunities to challenge our children even further.

For monitoring of assessment data, children's progress is assessed on a termly basis. This takes into account the children’s achievement of learning objectives in lessons, but also the cumulative acquisition of language over the term. This data is then used to identify linguists who are Emerging, Developing, have Mastered or are working at Greater Depth in their language learning. This information is shared with the class teacher.

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